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Looking for a consultation on foundation and installation of it

Planning to install a terrace, construct a shed, an arbor, garage, a fence or a storehouse

Looking for someone to build a frame/SIPS panels house on a screw foundation

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About us

Penkerių metų patirtis

Mes – UAB „Metaledas“. Užsiimame sraigtinių pamatų gamyba bei montavimu, šioje srityje specializuojamės jau penkerius metus. Mūsų prioritetai: kokybė, greitis, lūkesčių pateisinimas. Aptarę poreikius iki menkiausių smulkmenų, siūlome konkurencingą kainą ir darbus atliekame per trumpiausią laiko tarpą. UAB „Metaledas“ profesionalumą bei patirtį įrodo tai, jog per penkerius sraigtų montavimo metus negavome nei vieno skundo susijusio su įšalo iškilnotais poliais, praėjus žiemos sezonui.

Why you should choose us?

  • Using self-propelled pile-turning equipment we install quickly and qualitatively; You can choose a complex service: starting with the selection of foundation and ending with the its installation on Your object

  • Our foundations are environmentally safe and adjustable in height. Moreover, covered by the anti-corrosive materials – hot dip galvanizing ensures corrosion protection for 25 and more years.

  • Ground screw foundations can be installed into any soil: sand, clay, gravel, bottom of waterbody, etc.

  • Our ground screw foundation is a great alternative to the concrete foundation

  • We install screw foundations even in the most remote area. If necessary, we can unscrew the foundation and install it elsewhere

  • We will arrive to the object at your convenience


Screw foundation installation price for terrace, shelter, firewood, storehouse, stairs, arbor

from 15 Eur/m2

Screw foundation installation price for framed summer house

from 24 Eur/m2

Screw foundation installation price for SIP panels, framed or other lightweight construction

from 34 Eur/m2

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